Price delivered to anywhere in England & Wales (Scotland & Islands excluded). Off loading included.
Installation NOT included. VAT not included. Warranty 12 months (Parts check warranty terms)

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Velyen design and manufacture in Spain (powered by Istobal Co. since 1950); our lifts are reliable, safe and supported by best after-sales service. European manufacturer (Valencia, Spain), local technical service, official after-sales guarantee, and spare parts of 25 years. · Product approved and certified New European Directive 2006/42 / CE and Harmonized Standard EN 1493: 2010.
· SCS It is a new integrated Auto-Diagnosis information system.
· Synchronization between columns by inductive detectors.
· High resistance spindles. Car lift, vehicle lift, two post lift, 2 post lift, two post car lift or 2 post car lift, automatic two post lift, screw lift, baseless lift, ramp, Two post car hoists, 2 post car hoist, garage equipment