We are manufacturers

The Velyen Group has more than 35,000 m2 of installations in Valencia (Náquera and Carlet, Spain), and a workforce of more than 250 employees specializing in integrated production processes (machining, stamping, molds, welding, laser and assembly).


As a commitment to progress to modernize the workshop equipment. Thanks to the dedication of our Research, Development and Innovation department, our products are continually renewed to meet the new needs of the workshops and remain market leader.


With a firm commitment in high technology, we transfer significant added value to our customers, thus becoming an essential engine to adapt to the new needs of the market.


The safety of your team is Velyen's priority: advanced systems help you keep your Velyen equipment safe for the workstation for which it is intended. We hope that you will never need to see how our security measures work, but you can rest assured that you will work safely every time you work with Velyen equipment.


At Velyen, we work diligently to adapt to your needs, resolve your difficulties and advance together towards your total satisfaction. Velyen is synonymous with quality and guarantee, and since 1995 our products comply with the European Directive 2006/42 / EC and are in accordance with the ISO9001 standard, guaranteeing the quality of products throughout the entire process. production.



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